Find Job Openings at Burger King: Learn How to Apply

Many people often find Burger King to be one of the best-tasting burgers in the world. This is because it is made by one of the best burger companies and prepared and served by the best servers.

Burger King is home to thousands of employees all over the world, and they continue their goal of serving millions more people. This is why you will always find stable employment with Burger King.

If you’re interested in joining the Burger King family, check out how you can apply for Burger King jobs with the guide below.

Find Job Openings at Burger King: Learn How to Apply
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Why Choose to Apply at Burger King

Many people might think since Burger King is just another fast-food restaurant, the employees might be paid a minimum wage or there is no career progression within the company. 

Find Job Openings at Burger King: Learn How to Apply
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It is quite the contrary, as Burger King employees often enjoy different benefits, including one of the best hourly rates in the industry. 

Check out some of the reasons why you should apply for work at Burger King.

Fair Salary

We all want to get a job for income, and many people are apprehensive about joining the fast food industry. 


The industry is notorious for having very low wages, but Burger King is rather different. 

It is one of the only few companies that offer a great salary package even from entry-level jobs up to corporate positions.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits vary from the years you have spent as an employee. 


As a first-time employee, you can still enjoy several employee benefits, which include medical insurance, visual and dental coverage, paternal and maternal leave, and many more. 

You can soon enjoy more benefits such as paid time off and vacation leave when you have spent enough time working at Burger King.

Career Advancement

One of the many perks of a Burger King employee is career advancement

Burger King treasures all of its employees, especially those who have the potential for better positions. 

Fast-food restaurants regularly promote their employees to a better position and gain higher pay when they do.

Skills Training and Development

Burger King prides itself as one of the only few fast food companies that thoroughly train all of their employees. 

They also have programs that enhance your skills and even help you learn and develop new ones that will be crucial to your promotion.

Job Openings That You Can Apply at Burger King

Burger King offers a plethora of job openings that are suitable to your skills. 

Find Job Openings at Burger King: Learn How to Apply
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Whether it is an entry-level job or a specific department within the corporate office, there are a lot of job openings to choose from. 

Here are some of the most in-demand positions that you can apply today.

Team Member

Team members are the face of Burger King. 

They take the customer’s orders, prepare them, and serve them to the customer. 

They are also responsible for keeping the restaurant neat and pleasant to look at the entire shift.


The cashier‘s main responsibility is to take the customer’s orders and make sure that they are all accurate. 

They also make different kinds of transactions and manage the cash register properly. 

They also work in the drive-through or the front counter.

Shift Supervisor

Shift supervisors manage the entire restaurant during a specific shift. 

They ensure that everything goes well within the shift and coordinate with different members of the team. 

They also provide resolution to any customer concerns and do administrative tasks within the store as well.

Restaurant Manager

The restaurant manager oversees all of the operations within the store, which includes sales, financial performance, customer satisfaction, inventory, and marketing. 

They also manage the staff as well as train new ones for promotion.

Corporate Positions

Apart from in-store job openings, there are also corporate positions that are quite in demand. 

These departments include finance, operations, marketing, research, and even human resources are great options for those who want to pursue employment at Burger King’s corporate offices.

Applying for Burger King Jobs

While there are several ways for you to apply for Burger King jobs, you can always apply online to make the entire application process easier and smoother. 

Find Job Openings at Burger King: Learn How to Apply
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The entire application process can last up to a month and sometimes more for different positions. 

Make sure that you have enough time to go through the entire application process.

Check the Official Website

Go to the Burger King website in your area and look for Careers. 

Click on Careers, and it will open a new page where you can find all of the job openings

You can explore new job openings and even use the search function to look for jobs that are near you.

Create an Account

Once you have found a job opening that matches your skills, you will need to create an account

Register an account using your email address and log in to the account to proceed. 

You will also need to enter your details, as this will also serve as your profile.

Submit Your Application

After you log into your account, you can proceed with the application. Enter all the required information in the online application form. 

Make sure that you review the details before you submit, especially your phone number, name, and physical address

Don’t forget to include your resume and other required documents on your application as well.

Assessments and Interviews

You will receive a call from recruitment for the next step, which involves several assessments and interviews

The assessments will test your knowledge, while the interviews will test how you react to certain situations when you’re at work. Both assessments and interviews can take a lot of time, so be prepared. 

If they’re interested in hiring you after this step, they will offer the job to you through a contract.


Burger King is one of the largest employers within the restaurant and fast food industry. Working for them means you will have a fair salary and a lot of employee benefits that you can enjoy. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply all the steps mentioned in this guide to help you land the best Burger King jobs that you can find!