Choose the Right Employer Using Glassdoor Company Reviews

When picking your next employer, Glassdoor company reviews are a game-changer. This article dives into how to use these reviews to make an intelligent choice. 


You’ll learn to decode real employee feedback and understand what it says about a company’s culture and values. By the end, you’ll have the tools to find a job that’s not just a paycheck but a good fit for you.

How do Reviews Work?

Glassdoor lets employees and ex-employees anonymously review companies. They rate their experience, leave comments, and give a star rating out of five. 


This helps you get an accurate picture of what working there is like. The process is simple: users create an account, verify their employment, and share their insights. 

Remember, while Glassdoor tries to verify reviews, they’re based on individual experiences. Your mileage may vary.


Types of Information Available

Before diving into the types of info on Glassdoor, know this: it’s a goldmine of insider knowledge. Here’s what you can find:

  • Salaries: Get an idea of what different roles pay.
  • Interview Experiences: Learn what to expect in interviews.
  • Company Culture: Understand the work environment and values.
  • Benefits: Insight into perks and employee benefits.
  • CEO Approval Ratings: See how employees rate the top brass.
  • Work-Life Balance: Gauge how the company handles work and personal life balance.
  • Career Opportunities: Find out about growth and learning possibilities.

Company Insights

Diving into specific companies helps you see how they stand out on Glassdoor. This section breaks down what the ratings and feedback for TikTok, JPMC, and Dynatrace reveal.

Company Breakdown

Here’s a look at three companies and their Glassdoor insights:

  • TikTok: Known for its vibrant culture but also intense work demands. The ratings reflect a mix of innovation, excitement, and stress.
  • JPMC (JPMorgan Chase & Co.): High marks for career growth and stability, but some reviews mention long hours. It’s a trade-off between prestige and work-life balance.
  • Dynatrace: Employees appreciate the tech focus and opportunities for innovation. However, some mention challenges in management style and communication.

TradeWeb, Seamless AI, Forester Reviews

Let’s examine how employees rate TradeWeb, Seamless AI, and Forester. These insights give you a clearer picture of what it’s like to work there:

  • TradeWeb: Employees highlight a stable work environment and a focus on work-life balance. However, some point out slower innovation compared to industry peers.
  • Seamless AI: Known for its energetic start-up vibe, reviews mention the need for a better work-life balance. It’s a place for growth with some trade-offs.
  • Forester: Employees appreciate the intense focus on research and development. Some reviews, however, indicate a need for more modern management approaches.

Sunlife, Morgan and Morgan, WebFX Insights

Here’s what the reviews say about Sunlife, Morgan and Morgan, and WebFX. This gives you an idea of their workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

  • Sunlife: Positive remarks on work culture and employee benefits. Some reviews, though, mention bureaucratic challenges.
  • Morgan and Morgan: Known for its strong team ethos and commitment to clients. Some employees, however, point to high-pressure work scenarios.
  • WebFX: Reviews often praise the company’s innovative approach and learning opportunities. Yet, some employees discuss the challenges of keeping up with rapid growth.

Robert Half, Nextiva, Rocket Mortgage Workplace

Understanding the unique workplace aspects of Robert Half, Nextiva, and Rocket Mortgage can help you see what sets them apart.

  • Robert Half: Employees often mention the company’s strong recruitment expertise and professional growth opportunities. However, work-life balance is a frequent point of concern.
  • Nextiva: Known for its tech-driven environment and strong team collaboration. Some reviews highlight a need for more structured management.
  • Rocket Mortgage: Praised for its dynamic work culture and innovation in finance. Yet, some employees discuss the stress related to sales targets and performance.

Funding Circle, Kandji Employee Feedback

Let’s explore what employees say about Funding Circle and Kandji. This insight can help you understand their company dynamics.

  • Funding Circle: Employees often discuss the rewarding nature of work and team collaboration. Some, however, mention challenges with workloads and management.
  • Kandji: Known for its strong tech focus and innovation. Reviews sometimes point to the growing pains typical of a rapidly expanding company.

Effective Use of Reviews

Using Glassdoor isn’t just about reading reviews. It’s about understanding what they mean for you as a job seeker.

Review Interpretation Tips

To get the most out of the feedback, keep these points in mind:

  • Look for Patterns: Don’t focus on one review. See if there are common themes across multiple reviews.
  • Balance Positive and Negative: Every company has pros and cons. Weigh them equally to get a realistic picture.
  • Consider the Source: Remember, reviews are subjective. Consider the role and department of the reviewer.
  • Read Recent Reviews: Companies evolve. Recent reviews are more likely to reflect the current state.
  • Check Responses from Employers: Some companies respond to reviews. This can give you insight into their attitude towards feedback.
  • Use as One of Many Tools: Glassdoor is one piece of your research. Combine it with other sources for a well-rounded view.

Feedback Balance

Refrain from tilting too much towards the positive or negative when reading Glassdoor feedback. Companies are complex, and so are people’s experiences. 

Look for trends in what people say, not just one-off comments. Remember, a few bad reviews don’t mean a company is terrible, and glowing reviews are only sometimes the full story. 

Your goal is to find the middle ground. This approach gives you a more transparent, balanced view of what working there might be like.

Culture and Values Insight

Understanding a company’s culture and values goes beyond just ratings. It’s about reading between the lines of what employees say. 

Look for comments on work-life balance, management style, and how the company handles challenges. How employees talk about their leaders and colleagues can tell you a lot. 

Values are shown in actions, not just words or ratings. This deeper dive can help you see if a company’s culture aligns with what you’re looking for.

Summary: Deciphering the Right Employer through Glassdoor Reviews

In conclusion, Glassdoor company reviews offer invaluable insights for job seekers. They serve as a roadmap to understanding the realities of workplaces, from culture to salary norms. 

Analyzing these reviews lets you align your career aspirations with the right employer. Remember, it’s about balancing what’s said and unsaid, leading to a more informed job decision.