Explore Job Openings at Walmart: Discover How to Apply

Walmart has been in the retail business for several decades, proving that it can sustain employment for that long. This only means that people looking for stable jobs can apply at Walmart.

Not only does Walmart provide its employees with a good salary, but it also offers a good benefits package to all those who work for them. This is why Walmart has some of the most in-demand jobs today.

If you want to learn how to apply for Walmart jobs, read our article to understand it better.

Benefits of Working at Walmart

Walmart offers one of the best benefits packages to its employees. 

Explore Job Openings at Walmart: Discover How to Apply
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The package aims to assure all Walmart employees that they are being taken care of by the company, especially when it comes to their health and finances. 

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you’re employed by Walmart.

Health Benefits

It is always important that every employee is healthy. This is why Walmart offers a robust health benefits package so they can take good care of their employees. 


These health benefits include medical coverage as well as access to some of the best medical facilities in the area. 

They also offer a wide variety of insurance plans for their employees which include medical, visual, and dental insurance plans.

Financial Benefits

Another great benefits package that Walmart employees can enjoy is the financial benefits package. Many employees take advantage of these benefits to help save enough money for their future. 


Employees can get retirement plans, employee discounts, and even discounts on mobile phone plans. 

They also have access to Live Better U, and the company also helps cover the cost of tuition for those who are currently studying college.

Applying for Jobs at Walmart

The application process at Walmart can be very time-consuming. 

Explore Job Openings at Walmart: Discover How to Apply
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The entire procedure can last up to several weeks, depending on the job opening that you’re applying for. 

To avoid getting frustrated and be able to handle each step, you should learn the entire application process

Explore Job Openings

To apply for Walmart jobs, you should apply online through the official Walmart website and click on Careers

You can explore hundreds of job openings at their Careers webpage. 

You can even check out some of the in-demand job openings, as well as the highly recommended ones that are suitable for your skills.

Apply Online

Once you have chosen a few job openings, review the job description

This is where you can learn more about the responsibilities and your role. 

Click ‘Apply’ to send your application and fill out the online application form. Upload your resume, and make sure to review your details before you submit it.

Online Assessment

After submitting your online application, you will proceed to an online assessment where they will test your skills and knowledge based on the position that you’re applying for. 

Most of the questions include situations and how you can handle them. Some questions will test your basic skills, such as typing and mathematics. 

Make sure that you pass this step or else you will not be able to proceed with the entire application.


You will receive an email after passing the assessment. This will include a schedule for your interview

The interview can be done over the phone, or you might be invited to visit their office for a series of interviews. 

You need to free your schedule as the interviews can last up to an hour, and you might have to be interviewed several times within the day.


Upon passing the interview, they will provide you with a list of pre-employment requirements

These requirements include your government-issued IDs, medical records, and many more. 

Different locations will have different pre-employment requirements, but these are just some of the general requirements. Submit them before the deadline and wait for their call or email.

Job Offer

You should be able to receive an email or call from the recruitment team after they verify all of your pre-employment requirements. 

You’ll be invited to their office for the job offer. Review the terms of the offer first before signing if you agree with it. 

After that, you’ll receive your schedule for your orientation, and training will be conducted after that.

Frequently Asked Questions When Applying for Jobs at Walmart

As mentioned above, applying for Walmart jobs is time-consuming and can be very complicated, especially for first-time applicants. 

Explore Job Openings at Walmart: Discover How to Apply
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Don’t worry; we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from first-time applicants and provided them with answers below.

What Happens If You Don’t Receive a Job Offer?

If you haven’t received a job offer after submitting your requirements, you should contact the recruitment team for updates

There could be delays in processing your requirements, or they might need more documents from you. 

Make sure you ask for their number during the interview.

What to Do After Walmart Hires You?

Once they offer you a contract, you should receive a schedule for your orientation

This is where you will be introduced to the team and the department that you will be working with. 

After that, they will provide you with extensive training so you can be better equipped when you finally get to work at Walmart.

How to Pass the Assessment?

The best way to pass the assessment is to prepare

You can research some of the most common online assessment tests for applicants on the internet. 

It is not a guarantee that doing this will let you pass the assessment, but it will help you understand how the assessment is done.

Does Walmart Require a Drug Test?

Many Walmart stores will require you to undergo a drug test apart from medical tests. 

This is to prevent any issues later on if you’re going to work at Walmart.


Finding Walmart jobs and applying for them is already a tough challenge but it should not be impossible to do. Follow the application process mentioned above, and you will be prepared to take on the challenge. Good luck with your application!